White Knight’s Durable High-Purity Bellows Pumps

TruFlow Components Distributes White Knight Pumps

White Knight bellows pumps deliver, circulate, reclaim, and transport high-purity chemical fluids for semiconductor manufacturing. These reliable pumps can withstand high pressures, high temperatures, deadhead, and suction lift. They feature PTFE/PFA fluid paths and do not contain metals or O-rings, which prevents leaks, corrosion, and contamination.
White Knight offers pump models with shuttle, fiber-optic, or proximity-switch shift mechanisms that are designed for maximum temperatures of 210°C, 145°C, or 100°C. They are available in three sizes, which provide 30, 60, or 140 LPM maximum flow rates.
Economy pumps for recirculation applications are available in two sizes, which provide 25 or 50 LPM maximum flow rates.

TruFlow Components

Pumps With
On-Board Shuttles

  • PSA Series pumps for ≤100°C
  • PSH Series pumps for ≤145°C
  • PSU Series pumps for ≤210°C

Pumps With

  • PFA Series pumps for ≤100°C
  • PFH Series pumps for ≤145°C
  • PFU Series pumps for ≤210°C

Pumps With Proximity Switches

  • PXA Series pumps for ≤100°C
  • PXH Series pumps for ≤145°C
  • PXU Series pumps for ≤210°C

Economy Pumps for Recirculation

  • PSR Series pumps for ≤100°C with 4 Bar (60 PSI) maximum air supply pressures.

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